About Me

How I started

Since I was little I always had a great curiosity about all the topics related to spirituality, my favourite movies were those of spirits or ghosts and esoteric films and as I grew up, the interest grew up with me. After working on my awakening by myself and struggling to get results, I had my first Akashic Records Reading Session in 2016.

The most shocking thing about my first reading how amazingly the reader could describe some of my beliefs and emotions wounds, as he unfolds the stories through past lives and symbolic images, he talked about everything that was disturbing me at that moment. My astonishment was continuous, throughout the session. Then at the time of asking my questions, the answers resonated with me so much, I found the perfect answer to all those doubts I had back then about me and my life.

During the session many energies were moved, so immediately in less than a week, I could feel like many constant thoughts that I used to have had disappeared. I just stopped thinking about worries almost instantaneously.

My reader, who later became my Teacher and Guide, told me that he noticed a great channelling capacity on me, even just meditating, without being a reader yet. So, after some months, I decided to become a Reader, in February 2017.

My Big Change

Everything I have experienced since my beginning has completely changed my life. Personal growth, Self-knowledge and intuition have developed rapidly and continue to do so. My connection with beings of other dimensions is permanent, My channelling is fluent and I am assisted and guided in my spiritual path and in my life constantly. I ask for advice and I feel accompanied and protected in the moments of making decisions.

This is the most amazing thing of this tool; the connection with the Universe is plug in all the time. My healing has been transformative and my perception about life has taken a 90 degree turn, I no longer blame the World, I see my world as a projection of myself.

My Contribution

Now that I can channel for other people, and help them connect with their souls and wisdom and heal themselves transforming their lives, my joy is immense knowing that I can contribute my bit in the awakening of others.

Every time I receive a review of a session and people are so amazed by the information they get and how different they feel, I am happy and proud.

I was not born with this ability, I developed it. Any person can channel, we are all channels, all of us are connected with the Source, we just need to TRUST that we are.  The Awakening is happening in this World, the Biggest Ascension to Humanity is about to occur, Are You Ready?


Silvana Samos is not a healthcare professional and no part of this website / her videos / her writings is to be regarded as medical advice. In the event you use any of the information she provides for yourself or others, you assume full responsibility for your understanding, actions, and the results.