Akashic Records

How is an Akashic Records Reading Session?

How do I receive the relevant information for you?

I connect telepathically with your  Spirit Guides, who guard  your akashic records, and they give me all the relevant information about your soul since the beginning of its existence.

They show me this information through Symbolic Images, Past lives experiences or Dictation:

Symbolic Images

Your spirit guides or your higher self  show me symbolic images to explain certain blockages or conflicts or traumas that you’ve got and that you need to heal or work on. The images can vary a lot, the guides are very creative and the images are always very clear. For example, if you are doubting on a decision you need to take in your life, they can show me an image like the one in the photo above, where you are in front of two different paths and you don’t know what to do. First, I see the image and I describe it to you and then they talk to me explaining the meaning of the image, or they explain certain behaviour you have related to this image. After that, they give an advice on how you can overcome this difficulty.

Past Lives Experiences

When I see one of your past lives, it means that the guides want to show me a negative or positive experience you had in that life. Generally, they show me a fragment of that life and then they explain what karma is still affecting your current life. So what I do is I carry out a transmutation of energy to disconnect you from that life. If the experience was positive,  the guides want you to be aware about it to know your strengths and special skills from that life and be able to reconnect with them in this current incarnation.


When your guides decide not to show images or past lives, I only receive a dictation of what they want to say. When this happens, it is quite fluent so I only translate what they are telling me. This generally happens when the client has been waiting for answers for a long time, trying to get information through meditation without results, the messages are very clear as the person is ready to receive and understand. The session is quite fluent.

The Reading Session lasts 60 minutes.

During the first 30 minutes I channel the information your guides want to show you.

The rest of the time you can ask your questions. 

All sessions are carried out by a Zoom or Skype call. 

Fee for Session:

£79 Sterling pounds (around U$S102 american dollars)

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