What is NeuroDecoding?

A conflict is active when it is coded after an unknown 

emotion, this emotion functions as a secret code

This code is what we must find and unveil. This code is in 

a specific neural connection, and must be 

found by the emotion that characterises that connection.

This therapy, together with NeuroGenealogy ( study of the 

family tree) have mechanisms and useful 

tools for decoding human conflicts. Many diseases are 

caused by emotions and with certain tasks

you can reduce symptoms or even heal the disease. 

Also, any limiting beliefs, fears, blockages and personal

conflicts could be decode and change.

  • Do you feel Lost?
  • Do you have conflicts in your relationships? with your parents, partner or children?
  • Do you have traumas from the Past?
  • Do you have financial issues?
  • Any health Problems? Chronic illness or symptoms?
  • Are these illnesses repeated in your family?
  • Do you want to raise your self-steem and allow yourself to be who you rellay are?
  • Do you want to heal your relationship with MONEY and ABUNDANCE to live the life you want?

You will experience mind deprogramming by connecting with yourself, 

your own emotions and your past. 

You will understand your Family conflicts and repetitive patterns or


You will learn how to heal and transcend them.

Conflicts in Life

Any conflict in your life it is a projection. What we do with Neurodecoding is finding out where the conflict root is and how we can change it, or get rid of the blockage that is causing the conflict. These could be related to difficult relationships, money scarcity or health issues.

Which is the funtion of NeuroDecoding?

Illnesses and Chronic Symptoms

It is a tool that helps to find the moments in which a person has suffered a strong stress and has been anchored in the body. The first biological law says that always, before a symptom appears, the person has experienced a biological conflict, and that means an unexpected, dramatic situation, without solution, without expression, that tends to stay inside the body and that the body seeks to express it and take it out through the symptom.

This is a 60 minutes session.

It is recommended to book 2 sessions as during the first session I collect information and we can practice 1 or 2 tasks and during the Second Session you do mind reprogramming tasks for 60 minutes.

All sessions are carried out by a Zoom or Skype Call.

Fee: £59 per session ($79 American Dollars)

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